UK Study Visa / Student Visa Process Overview

UK is unquestionably a splendid country in the world and a best place to live, study and work.

International Students never think twice for choosing UK to pursue their higher studies. Almost 500,000 students are studying in UK and these numbers don’t lie how much love students have for UK.

UK student visa must be obtained in advance before you plan to come to UK to start your study course. UK Government has launched Tier 4 (General) Student Visa and made entire visa process so simple and easy to follow for students.

We have comprehensively elaborated below everything about UK Study Visa process so that you can increase your knowledge and process your visa application easily. In case you are still confused and need right advice then contact us immediately via mobile number mentioned on our website.

You make sure that you have all of the necessary supporting documents for your student visa application as given below:

  • To apply for a student visa, you will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the University.
  • Valid passport
  • Valid TB test certificate showing you do not have TB (if required)
  • Evidence that shows you meet the English language requirement, or that are exempt from having to meet it
  • Receipts for any tuition fees and/or accommodation costs that you have already paid to your institution, if this information is not included on your CAS
  • Evidence that you can meet the strict financial requirements
  • Translations of any documents that are not in English
  • Complete the application form, submit it and
  • Pay the application fees and
  • The immigration health surcharge (if applicable), and upload your documents.

Submit your documents and biometrics at Visa Application Center

  • When you submit your online application, you’ll make an appointment with a visa application centre to provide the required proofs.
  • You must reach to visa application center at the scheduled time. And pay the application fee (if you have not earlier paid)
  • You must bring your passport and all your original supporting documents. These will be checked with your visa application and returned you with your visa decision.
  • The visa application centre staff will also take your biometric information: fingerprints and face photos.
  • You may also be selected for a ‘credibility interview’. This is a five-minute interview via video link with UKVI staff in the UK. The purpose is to check that you are coming to the UK as a genuine student, so you will be asked questions about your course, your reasons for studying in the UK and reasons for choosing your particular university..
  • You must patiently wait for the result of your visa application. Your passport (and supporting documents, if these were retained during your appointment) will be returned to you by post, or you will be instructed to collect them.

Receive your student visa vignette on your passport

  • When your visa application has been processed, your passport will be sent back to you with a vignette (sticker). It will also come with a decision letter confirming that your application has been successful, the duration of your visa, and your BRP collection location in UK
  • The vignette allows you to enter the UK within a fixed period, usually lasting for 30 days

Collect your Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) after coming to UK

  • After coming to the UK, you must pick your biometric residence permit (BRP) within 10 days of arrival (unless your visa is for six months or less). Carry your passport with the entry vignette and your visa decision letter with you for collecting BRP
  • Your visa decision letter will confirm where you can collect your BRP card. If it hasn’t been sent to the University, it will be at a post office in the nearest town to your campus or study location.
  • The BRP is an vital essential immigration document with your visa details issued on an ID card. It is valid for the full duration of your visa and you will need it whenever you travel outside the UK or provide evidence of your visa status – such as during University registration or when opening a bank account. You should keep it somewhere safe. .


Q,  Do student face visa interview before getting student visa?

The Home Office intends to interview Student applicants before granting them immigration permission to come to the UK. Therefore you might be sent an email asking you to attend an interview as part of the application process. You should check your email (including the ‘junk’ folder) regularly as your application is likely to be refused if you are asked to attend an interview and you do not do so without providing a reasonable explanation.

During your interview a member of Home Office staff will ask you about your course, where you want to study and your reasons for studying in the UK. The report of the interview will be sent to the caseworker who makes the decision on your Tier 4 application. They must be satisfied that you are a genuine student, and that your English language ability is at the correct level, otherwise you might be called for a further interview and/or your entry clearance application may be refused.

Q,  What is the visa application fee?

The application fee is £348, paid as an equivalent in your local or alternative currency.

Q,  Is English language certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge required for student visa or not?

UK is an English speaking country so you will study your complete degree course in English language. Therefore, UK Embassy wishes to verify your English language proficiency in all speaking, writing, listening and reading modules. It is somewhat necessary to provide proof of international English language certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL, and CAMBRIDGE so that visa officer will get to know your proficiency level.

However, keep in mind if you have previously studied your complete study in English language and got the admission in UK University then it should be mentioned on your CAS letter. In this situation English test might or might not be required by Embassy. Contact us in case you are not sure about your situation so our team will help you in this regard.

Q,  How much time UK takes to process Student Visa application

UK student visa process is somewhat faster than other countries. So if you want to get visa faster therefore, It is advisable that when you submit your visa so make sure you submit all required documents at once to avoid unnecessary delay.  Your missing document and incomplete file could be a reason for visa delay so be proactive and do everything right .

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