Test Daf German Language Exam

TestDaf  – Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache   (“Test of German as a foreign language”)

The TestDaF is an advanced-level German language exam and has been running since 2001.  It precisely involves German language levels from B2 to C1 on the six-level scale of competence mentioned in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

TestDaf passing certificate in all 4 sections will be proof of your German language proficiency.  It’s an entry card to secure your admission to virtually any subject and degree course of your choice at German higher education institutions. The TestDaF language exam will also help you to prove that your German language proficiency and expertise are adequate to undertake and finish scientific-related projects and also to join academic professions of your choice.

Exam Management

This TestDaF is developed, corrected, and managed in Germany by the TestDaF Institute. The examination could be re-taken as often as one wants when the candidate is not satisfied with his or her results.

  • Certificate Validity
  • The TestDaF certificate is valid for an unlimited time.
  • Exam & Registration Process

This TestDaf exam is offered in India by Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan with test centers across New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Pune, etc.

Currently, there are around 450 test centers that offer the exam globally. You can search for test centers in Germany and around the world on the website of Goethe Institute.

Benefits of TestDaf Exam

1,  If you are an international student aspiring to study in Germany in German taught degree courses then it is important for you to give this TestDaf exam to prove you have full proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in all 4 modules to carry out successfully your studies in German universities incomplete German language.

2,  If you are a professor or academician, or scientist who wants to work in German universities or want to work on any German project or to work as a scientist in Germany so this exam is also important for you to give to prove your sufficient expertise in the German language.

3,  The TestDaF is recognized by all German universities and internationally so you can be relaxed because it will make your life peaceful whenever you desire to study and work across the globe.

TestDaf Grading System.

 This exam has 3 grading levels:

  • TestDaF Grading level 3 (TDN 3) = 70-80% Test result (B2)
  • TestDaF Grading level 4 (TDN 4) = 80-90% Test result (B2/C1)
  • TestDaF Grading level 5 (TDN 5) = 90-100% Test result (C1)
  • Note:  TDN   full form is ‘TestDaF-Niveaustufe’ and it’s a German word..

Explained Below Grading System:

When you give this exam and your answers were right  almost 70-80%  so you achieve TDN Level 3
When your answers were right almost 80 -90%  so you achieve TDN Level 4
And if your answers were right almost 90% – 100% so you attain TDN Level 5. This level 5 fetch for you C1 level proficiency in the German language. It proves you are absolutely expert in the German language and can do everything in the German language like study, job, project and any level work.

German Universities Admission Requirements:

1,  TestDaf is recognized by all German higher education institutions however,  level TDN 4 is a benchmark for admission to German university study or to a College study.

2,  At certain universities, depending on the subject of study,  applicants are also admitted with results below level TDN 4.

Therefore, you have to make sure you at least reach a level TDN 4 to keep alive your chances to get admission in German universities to study your academic course and also to work in universities as a professor or different German projects.

In short,

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