SAT Exam Pattern

Writing and Language4435
Math ( with calculator &  without a Calculator   )(38+20 = 58)80
SAT Essay (optional)1 task50
We have explained broadly all sections about SAT exam syllabus for your complete understanding as below:

SAT Reading

This Reading section is composed of 5 passages. You will have to answer almost 52 questions given in 5 passages. You need to ensure that you read all passages properly in order to understand the gist of each passage to find correct answer. You have at your disposal 65 minutes time to finish this reading section so make best use of 65 minutes to get all answers correct.

Each passage will have almost 500-700 words and these passages can be taken from:

A,  A selection of passage could be pertaining to economies, psychology, sociology, etc.
B,  One passage from US founding documents on any topic such as liberty, equality and etc
C,  one passage from world literature or related to US history or recent work

Every passage will include almost 10-11 multiple choice questions and will provide you 4 options to choose from the right answer so keep in mind.
It’s important to read the passage first and read the questions also and highlight the keywords which are similar in the questions and the passage to find correct answer quickly.
So we advise to practice at home as much as you can to get used to the reading long passages and finding right answers swiftly.


SAT Writing and Language

This section has virtually 4 passages and each passage is carrying 10-11 questions so you almost get 44 questions in total.

Passage topics are mostly pertaining to




History or Social studies

Some passages can also include graphs or charts that verify your interpretative skills and not your mathematical skills.

In short, it focuses on evaluating  student’s understanding of vocabulary as well as grammar.


SAT Mathematics

This section includes two parts:

1,  Math Test-Calculator –  there are almost 38 questions in this section and you get almost 55 minutes to answer to 38 questions. Here, you find questions with complex calculations so here you are allowed to use calculator and it makes your life easy.

2, Math Test-No calculator –  there are almost 20 questions in this section and you get almost 25 minutes to answer to 20 questions.


The Math part focuses on three cores areas given below:
A,  Heart of Algebra

You need to create, manipulates and solve Linear equations with rational coefficients, system of linear equations linear inequalities in two variables and their systems, graphical representation of linear function etc.

B,  Problem-solving and Data Analysis

Read everything properly and then understand clearly what it requires from you and then you make sure to interpret graphics and tables correctly and solve real world problems. It includes so many areas such as equation of line or curve using a scatter plot; two-way tables to calculate conditional frequencies and conditional probabilities; Percentages; ratio and proportion; unit conversion and etc.

C,  Passport to Advanced Math

It has a lot to deal with complex mathematics equations, quadratic equations with rational coefficients; determination of the most suitable form of an expression; non-linear relationship between two variables and etc.

In a nutshell, The Math section is scored on a scale of 200-800.

SAT Essay

Essay is somewhat optional for students however; it is advisable to give Essay also because colleges suggest that students must give this too. Therefore, through essay exam, colleges can make correct assessment of student’s holistic educational potential.

In this section, students are given long passage having 600-800 words and almost 50 minutes time to deal with it. Bear in mind, you have a task to understand and analyze the author’s task and figure out meticulously the proofs that the author uses to support his point argument. Therefore you must not give your opinion else you will lose points. It’s all about how well you can structure your response to get full marks.


You must know what is Good SAT Score?

A good SAT score ranges between1200 to 1400.

Highest SAT Score1600 ( 800 + 800 )
Average SAT Score1000 to 1200
SAT Total Score1600 

SAT Exam Fees

Indian test takers will have to pay SAT exam fees between 107$ to $120 for choosing essay and will pay 95$ to 104$ for not choosing essay. It’s important to check fees on our website or consult us for correct information always. In short, Sat Exam fees differ from country to country so depending upon in which country you are giving exam.

Important –  You can always contact us to better prepare for this SAT Test to get your desired  score so that you can fulfill your future dreams.