Nursing Vocational Training Also Known as AUSBILDUNG

Nursing is a very noble profession and Nurses are regarded as a life saviour for humanity on the planet. Nurses are always more close to patients to take care their well-being all the time than any other person. Their responsibilities are enormous and they need to make patients realise and instil hope, confidence and strong will in patients to recover soon to lead a hale and hearty life again with a smile.

Germany is the country which respects and admires selfless contributions for humanity made by Nurses. Germany understands the role of the nurses in today’s world which is now more important than ever before to save human lives. 

Germany has announced recently that Germany requires huge numbers of nurses in coming years to save lives of German citizens.

Germany offers Nursing Vocational Training which is known as Ausbildung in Germany.  The duration of the course is almost more or less 3 years for the international students. 

We have explained below everything about Nursing Vocational Training to enhance your knowledge so read everything carefully to understand every point.Whenever you have any question, doubt and confusion so do not hesitate to contact us via phone numbers given on our website so that we can further advise you properly and then you can start your application to pursue your Nursing vocational training in Germany.


Benefits of studying Nursing (Ausbildung) in Germany

1,  learn and Work

You have a great chance to acquire theoretical knowledge during your nursing classes and simultaneously you will get practical exposure while working in the hospital on a regular basis. This is something very unique concept which combines practice and theory and provides you a strong foundation for your successful career in nursing in future.

2,  Earn Money

The biggest benefit of studying nursing in Germany is that you get paid money from the beginning of your vocational training course in Germany. Hospitals will pay you a monthly salary for the work you do as a part of your nursing course so it’s a big relief for students to manage their own monthly expenses and not to become dependent on their parents to help them.

3, There is no tuition fees

The nursing training is free of charge that means you are not obliged to pay fees for your nursing study in Germany. This is so wonderful that it’s free in Germany because if you study nursing in your own country so you will have to pay huge fees to get admission in nursing program. So you can imagine in Germany it’s free and it’s a big sigh of relief for international students.

4,  High Demand of Nurses

Germany has a high numbers of aging populations than young population and this is the cause of big worry for Germany. In order to save lives of aging population, Germany has huge demand of Nurses who can protect and take care Germans.  It’s crystal clear that if you are a professional experienced nurse or just starting a career in nursing so you are always welcome in Germany to provide your services all the time.

5, Permanent job is guaranteed 

Your vocational training is a sure shot guarantee for you to get easily permanent job in future. When you work in a hospital during your course so hospital staff and senior management get to know your talent, dedication, hard work and your wish to always assist patients and all your efforts impress the management and this leads to secure your permanent job in the same hospital. In short your efforts will not go in vain and you will be highly appreciated and you will easily get permanent job for your great future in Germany.

6, Residence Permit is Easy in Germany

Being a nurse in Germany is a huge thing and you are the one gets permanent resident easily comparison to people working in other professions. Germany does not want to lose you and never wants you to go back to your own country because Germany needs you more than you need Germany.  You will earn huge respect and you will be given bountiful opportunities to stay in Germany so keep in mind.

Let’s get to know the basic requirement for studying Nursing in Germany:

1,  you must be 18 years of age

2,  you must have finished your 12th class in your own country

3, you must have obtained at least minimum 60% in your 12th class

4,  you need to learn German language from A1 till B2 level  to get admission because your complete nursing course is in German language

5,  there is no age limit to start you nursing Ausbildung in Germany


Your Important Questions – FAQ

Q,  How much money Nursing Trainee can earn?

As per German labour system, Nursing trainees can earn monthly 1000 Euros per month in the first year. Once you get into second year and third year of your training so you can get more than 1000 Euros every month. You must always keep in mind that every German state has different living standards so your monthly earning will be depending on the location of your school and in which hospital you are doing a trainee job. In short minimum salary will be 1000 Euros and maximum can go upto 1200 Euros per month. 

Q,  When to apply for vocational nursing training?

There are 2 intakes available for Ausbildung training for aspiring students as below:

A,   March month

B,   September Month

It is always advisable to apply before well in advance so that you can secure your admission on time and can happily start your training either in March month or September month.

Q,  Does Nursing Ausbildung has any fixed age limit ?

There is no fixed age limit to pursue training and work in Germany however, it is advisable to plan as early as possible so that you can get admission easily and can fulfil your dream.

Q,  What are the working conditions for nurses in Germany ?

It is very evident that working schedule in hospital is always 24 / 7 for everybody because you never know when somebody can hurt and require your services. Therefore, Nurses need to be flexible and work as per their given shifts by the seniors. So be ready to work in the shifts to help patients all the time and that’s what you aim for in life to protect the lives of every human being. 

Q,  How to get Visa for Nursing Training Ausbuildung ?

Visa process is very simple because when you get the admission for dual Nursing training in Germany then you get all the required documents necessary to apply for the study and work visa. You can fix the appointment online and meet the visa officer and submit all your documents and accordingly you can be granted visa. We will assist you for everything so nothing to be worried and count on us. 

Q,   How we can help you to secure your admission, job and visa? 

We are the best professional consultant and can assist you thoroughly to secure your admission in Vocational Nursing Training. 

Our services include:

  • We will advise you for the proper immigration plan
  • Right guidance for collecting and completing visa documents mentioned on the checklist
  • Complete support  while processing  your visa application
  • All  types of required Forms, documentation and application filing assistance
  • We will maintain regular follow up on your application and will continue to share latest updates with you

In short we have all the solutions for you for Germany so immediately contact us via call or WhatsApp so that we will better advise you for your easy immigration to Germany.