Language Classes for Kids

We offer English and Foreign language courses for Kids to ensure they can inculcate the habit of speaking multiple languages during their childhood to vanquish the so called ‘language barrier’ term and build their successful and bright career in future

We have wide range of online and offline language courses for kids to make them more confident and independent to nurture their latent talent.


Children who are exposed early to multiple languages display great academic achievement

So if you want your child to be brainy, academically robust and be poised to crack different types of international academic tests and language tests in future so encourage them to learn foreign languages during their childhood.

Our school is the home where your child can learn every language faster and easier, will embrace creativity and will surely get ample career opportunities in adulthood

Famous German Poet ‘Mr. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’ said,  “Those who know nothing of foreign languages know nothing of their own.”


Course Details:  for Kids / Teens / Juniors

Spoken English Course

2 months course / 3 months course


Customised Course as per Children Preferences

French / German / Spanish Language course

3 months course

Tailor made courses as per children preferences