IELTS Writing Tips to Get 9 Bands

First of all, you all must know that we do have 60 minutes time to complete the Writing module.

So we want to ensure you can use your 60 minutes as best as you can to impress the reader by presenting your answers completely clear, precise, and coherent so that you can get your desired 9 bands in the writing module without an ounce of doubt so now it’s time for us to share with you all the best tips so please read carefully.

Tip number 1  –  Improve Time Management Skills

So first of all, in the beginning, we would always advise you to work on your time management skills that simply means You need to indulge yourself inconsistent writing preparation to check yourself how better you are making yourself to complete both task 1 and task 2  within given 60 minutes time. So what you can do is that you always practice in an organized way for your writing module and inculcate the habit to finish your both writing tasks within the given 60 minutes time. So time management is always a key to get your desired bands in the writing module.

If you lack time management skills then you will end up with 6 bands or 7 or 8 bands even though you were capable of achieving 9 bands easily. So this is the magic of having perfect time management skills and it’s your onus to practice and hone this skill all the time for desired results.

Tip number 2  – Understand Questions

Now it’s really paramount for you to read the questions and understand the questions completely in both task 1 and task2. This will help you to understand exactly what the examiner wants you to do with the questions.

So after reading and understanding the questions, you can now start organizing your ideas in your sharp mind and then structure your answer before you write it, so this will save your precious time and will help you to produce a clear and coherent answer. So that how your perfect answer will surely impress the evaluator and will force the evaluator to give you a higher score because you deserve it.

Tip 3  –   Task 2 must be done first

We would advise you to first attempt task 2 because it’s very obvious that task 2 carries 40 marks which are almost double of task 1. So it’s the best strategy to not only deal first with Task 2 but also to complete it in less than 40 minutes’ time.

This will give you a big sigh of relief that you have done full justice to task 2 with your best abilities and this will fetch you a full score in task2.

And then you can dedicate your remaining time to task1 which is somewhat complicated for most of the students however, you can always do better in task 1 easily in the second place with your self-confidence and positivity and this can get you full marks in task1 also. Therefore, bear in mind this important tip that Attempts task 2 in the first place for the desired outcome.

Tip 4  –   Always count and respect the words limit

We are obliged to respect the word limit for both task1 and task 2. As we know that 150 words are reserved for task 1 and 250 words are fixed for task 2. It is a human tendency that when you write your answer then you don’t realize how many words you are writing to express your thoughts so there is always a possibility that you either might write less than 150 words or 250 words or either you can write more than 150 and 250 words.

So in this situation during your practice at home you make sure to write 10 words in each line so for 150 words you will use 15 lines and for 250 words you will use 25 lines. That’s how you can easily count your words and ultimately you will be relieved that you don’t need to count every single word after writing your answer and this strategy will save you precious time.

And remember, you can always write more than 150 words in task 1 and more than 250 words in task 2. However, if you write less than the required words then this can force the evaluator to reduce your band score. Finally, bear in mind this task is about showing quality over quantity so you showcase your quality to impress the evaluator for getting higher bands so use this tip also for getting 9 bands.

Tip 5  –   Other Powerful Tips

A, Writing must be legible

Now it’s a request to everyone that whatever answer you write so your writing has to be legible because if the examiner cannot read some things whatever you have written in your answer and this will work against you So kindly try to write everything clearly.

B, Write in proper Paragraphs

We would stress one of the very important things that whenever you write you answer so maintain some proper gap or space and don’t jumble everything. Keep away from the habit of making a wall of writing. This means you need to organize your ideas into paragraphs. You also need to link your ideas with useful words like however, therefore, despite, and more. So present your answer properly and this will help the evaluator to understand your answers easily

C, Stronghold on Vocabulary

We always guide that in order to get a good score, you need to use a wide range of vocabulary in your writing because vocabulary covers 25% of marks for IELTS Writing.

So make sure you read a lot and enhance your vocabulary every day so you will be able to write more quickly and effectively during the writing module.

In a Nutshell,

We believe you have understood our useful tips which will make you more self-confident and positive to get your desired 9 bands in the Writing module so now it’s your turn to employ our tips in your Writing module and achieve your goals.

So If you want to prepare for ILETS, TOEFL, and PTE English exams so we can thoroughly help you to successfully achieve your desired bands in all 4 sections so you just have to contact us via Call, WhatsApp, Email, Instagram to prepare for online also you can come to our institute and can take in-person classes. So both online and offline options are open for you wherever you live in this whole beautiful world. We can assist you.