IELTS Speaking Tips to Get 9 Bands 

Tip 1  –  Improve your Speaking Timing 

Speaking task has limited time almost 11-14 minutes and you need to win the heart and mind of the examiner within this 11-14 minutes time. So you should always remember that neither speaking too less will be acceptable nor speaking too much will add extra bands so you need to be sharp, logical and precise with your answers.

So our tip is that when you do speaking practice on any topic so use timer to lock your answer so this will help you to avoid having a habit of speaking less or more on any topic.

So your strategy to keep an eye on your speaking timing will make you perfect for speaking task. And that’s how you can leave a stunning impression upon examiner that you can deliver your coherent and logical answer in specific time without being nervous.                                                                                            So make sure you work upon making better your speaking timing and be confident and precise with your answers. So use our this useful tip and hone your speaking timing.

Tip 2  – Attempt Mock Practice tests

You know that over confidence is always our enemy because overconfidence tells us to face any challenge or task without preparing for it in advance. And In IELTS Speaking test, over confidence mentality will work against you.

So my tip is that you must attempt as many mock practice tests as possible before your speaking test. Because Mock test will tell you what mistakes you are making constantly and your mistakes could be anything like your wrong pronunciation, your accent, your tone,  your mumbling, your nervousness, your jitteriness or loss of words during speaking.  

So with the help of mock test you can understand, analyse your all mistakes and finally can correct your all mistakes for better results. So there is nothing wrong if you better prepare yourself in advance through mock tests. Do this with the thought of getting better and better in speaking and not to demean yourself. 

So use my tip and please attempt mock practise tests as many as possible to come closer to get band 9 in speaking task

Tip 3  – Don’t show off knowledge 

It’s always awesome if you think and believe that you are very knowledgeable in life.  We have to always appreciate your good traits. However, keep in mind that it’s not necessary to use most complicated words to impress or to show like you are very knowledgeable to the examiner.

Why we are saying is that because if you listen to any English native speaker, you will realise that they do not make use of complicated or jargon words in their conversation.                                    

So you can easily understand that you need to keep your communication with examiner simple, to the point and right.

So IELTS test is not about your knowledge but it’s all about your flawless ability to communicate in English and that will fetch you almost your desired score in the IELTS speaking task. So keep aside knowledge and focus on how simple and logical answer you can produce during your speaking task so this useful tip always. 

Tip 4  –   Don’t give one word answer

Speaking test means you need to speak up so if you can’t elaborate what’s happening or going on in your life and you only give one word answer so this will force examiner to believe that you are not confident enough to speak English language especially during first part of the speaking test.                                                                                 

For example if examiner asks you that are you working currently? So you should not say only Yes or No. Instead you can elaborate more about yourself like  ‘YES I am working currently and actually i have been working since last 2 months in a company called Tech Mahindra which is located in new Delhi and my job profile is a HR executive so it’s a good learning experience and simultaneously i am gaining valuable professional experience. 

So we are just giving you this random example that please explains more so that examiner can enjoy interaction with you and it should not be boring or monotonous for examiner. So please don’t give one word answer and make sure you elaborate your reply. This tip will be very useful for getting your desired score, trust us. 

Tip 5  –  Other Powerful Tips

A,  Understand the question

For fruitful conversation it’s important for you to understand the question first. So during your communication with examiner, if examiner asks you question and you realize that you could not understand the question so it’s always advisable to ask examiner again the question and  you can say something like: “I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand the phrase.” or could you please elaborate on what you mean by.

So there is no harm in asking to repeat the question and best things is that there is no negative marking if you request to repeat the question. Ultimately you should not be worried for losing marks. 

B,  Be Fluent

We would always suggest you that be fluent while giving your answers because fluency shows your ability to speak English language confidently and smoothly  and on the other hand poor fluency is the sign of hesitation, self conscience and long pause while you speak so poor fluency is not in your favor. So try to be fluent and it will create a good impression upon the examiner.

C,  Robust Vocabulary is required

You always need to enhance your vocabulary because rich vocabulary can elevate your speaking performance to band 9 level and on the other hand poor vocabulary can degrade your performance so it’s always advisable to enrich your vocabulary for impactful interaction between you and examiner so learn new words everyday and increase your vocabulary.

D,   Focus on right Pronunciation and Accent should be natural 

It is vital for you to keep you English accent as natural as possible but your pronunciation must be accurate because your accent is not an evaluation criteria but pronunciation is always assessed during speaking test. 

So you can make sure your pronunciation is good by checking every new word’s pronunciation when you learn it. So make a regular habit to pronounce English word correctly 

At Last

We can advise you that be calm and composed, keep smiling and do your best to speak in front of  examiner as if you’re really having an intriguing and productive conversation with your best friend.

In a Nutshell, 

We believe you have understood our useful tips which will make you more self confident and positive  to get your desired 9 band in Speaking  module so now it’s your turn to employ our  tips in your Speaking  module and achieve your goals.

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