IELTS Reading Tips to Get 9 Bands

Firstly, we would like to enlighten you that in IELTS Reading Module, we have almost 3 long passages which are having different stories or content for you to deal with. You have virtually 60 minutes time to complete the reading module. We want to ensure that you are able to utilize 60 minutes as best as you can to give all answers correct to get your desired 9 bands.

Now let’s discuss important tips below to get your desired 9 bands:

Tip Number 1 –  First Attempt Easy Passage

We would suggest you read first all 3 passages with your cool, calm and composed mind.

After going through all 3 passages, You surely get the feeling or intuition that the story of one passage among 3 passages is very easy to understand and it’s doable so without wasting time you must first attempt an easy passage at the beginning with your fresh mind so that you can do full justice and find right answers quickly and this will save your precious time.

Why we are saying that because you should not start your exam with a passage that you do not understand thoroughly because you can get easily panicked if you don’t find the right answers and this will frustrate you more and can lead to botch up or destroy your complete passage. So tip number one is to first deal with the easy passage and keep maintaining your confidence, calmness, and positivity so that you can do full justice to the next 2nd passage. Therefore follow this important tip.

Tip Number 2 –  Read Questions First & Find Useful Keywords

After giving your best shot in the first passage, now it’s time to again talk to yourself and decide which one you believe is an easier passage between the 2 remaining passages.

So after selecting the second passage first you must read all questions and find and circle important keywords which are being used twice, thrice in given questions. And then start again reading the passage with your composed mind and during your reading, try to highlight or circle with the pencil those important keywords which you found in the questions and also highlight new keywords which you consider are important in the whole story of the passage.

So the benefit is that you save your time and can be precise in finding your answers because you already read and understood the questions and now you can relate questions with your highlighted keywords in the passage so that’s how you can efficiently find the right answers to the questions quickly in the second passage. So make sure you read questions first and then read a complete passage and highlight keywords used in the question and then easily find the answers so keep in mind this very useful tip.

Tip Number 3 –  Do Tough Passage at the Last

So now once you are done with 2 passages then you feel satisfied and happy that you have done your best in the 2 previous passages so you can keep that motivation and satisfaction to deal with the last passage which you thought will be time-consuming to find answers in the beginning.

So when you are self-confident then you can surely do your best in the last passage and can dedicate your remaining time to find correct answers. And you will have to follow the same process as I explained to you that start again reading the questions first with again composed mind and try to highlight those keywords in the passage content which you found in the questions and also highlight new keywords which you consider are important in the whole story of the passage.

So again you can find the right answers even if the passage content is not easy to comprehend and was looking tough in the beginning but with self-confidence and a composed mind though things start to look easy and you can easily.

Final Advice or Tip

So whatever we explained to you and shared our tips with you so the message we want to give you is that you have to be thoroughly confident and prepared for the exam in advance. You must not choose to attempt tough passage in the beginning because if you don’t understand the content then you will be frustrated in the beginning and will make mistakes and then you can ruin other passages which were somehow doable to deal with in the first place. So don’t deplete your energy and don’t squander your time on tough passage and do tough passage in the 3rd place to trace the right answers.

In a Nutshell,

We believe you have understood our useful tips which will make you more self-confident and positive to get your desired 9 bands in the Reading module so now it’s your turn to employ our tips in your Reading module and achieve your goals.

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