IELTS Listening Tips to Get 9 Bands

1, IELTS Listening Tips to Get 9 Bands

IELTS listening test is the same for IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training and also you get a total of 40 minutes time to complete your 40 questions in the listening module including transferring your answers too. So we need to ensure you are thoroughly prepared to give your best shot and can give all correct answers within 30 minutes which you will surely do after using our important tips. So now let’s not waste a single minute and follow our best Tips:

Tip 1 – Make listening English activity your everyday part of life

Why we are saying is that because honing your listening skill is the first thing you have to work upon. So many IELTS aspirants or students are living in a surrounding where the English language is not prevalent so it’s very obvious that they struggle most with the listening part. However, you should not discourage yourself because you have other ample ways to make better your listening skills.

So what you have to do is to listen to music whatever genre of music you like and watch UK, American, Australian news channels and listen properly to what news they are giving in the English language,  and also watch English movies whatever movie you like and listen to what the story is all about. And how can you do that very simply just use your mobile phone which is your best friend to access music, news, movies at your fingertips whenever and wherever you go outside or stay home in your daily life.

So you have to bury or immerse yourself in English listening activities every day to gain a better understanding of its natural usage and then during your listening exam, you will be more confident and acquainted with the English language with different accents of UK, US, Scottish, Australian, and Newzealand.

So that’s how you can pretty easily score 40 out of 40 questions. So use this important tip and live with the English language every day.

Tip  2 –  Practice listening Tests

Practice, practice, and practice why we are repeating this word because this is the keyword which you must not forget ever in your life.

Getting band 9 in the Listening task mostly depends upon how much listening practice you do before your IELTS test. You really need to go through as many listening practice tests as possible before your exam. Because practice test will show you the mirror, it will tell you what mistakes you are regularly making in finding the correct answer for example, Is it grammar part that’s troubling you, or is it a limited range of vocabulary making you helpless or do you find it hard to follow conversations in the recording?  So there could be any reason for your silly mistakes.

So with the help of a practice test, you can overcome your fears and can work on rectifying your regular mistakes. And also remember when you do practice tests, so you need to listen only once.  Because in the IELTS exam you will have a chance to listen one time only so it’s important for you to get used to it. So you ensure to practice more listening test to correct your mistakes to get band 9 so use our this tip.

Tip 3  –   Enrich your English Vocabulary

Vocabulary is the backbone of every language so if you enrich your English vocabulary then you can understand everything and you can enjoy the English language.

So IELTS aspirants lose their band score in listening because they are lacking a rich vocabulary. So we want to advise everyone that whenever you listen to music or any podcast, and whenever you watch the news and watch movies. You come across so many unfamiliar English words which you don’t understand completely. So what best you can do to enrich your vocabulary is to jot down or note down English words you hear that are unfamiliar to you. And then check the unfamiliar word in a dictionary, note the meaning, and check how we pronounce properly and how better we can use it in different sentences.

So this is the easiest and best way to keep a tab on new English words and also keep a record of your new learned words in a notebook so that you won’t forget or miss new English words in your life. So trust us this is a fantastic strategy to enrich your vocabulary and then your robust vocabulary will help you to understand fully every conversation related to any subject or related to your daily life.

So please use our tip and keep enhancing your vocabulary every day. Always keep in mind.

Tip 4 – Improve your English spelling mistakes

The spelling mistake is pretty common and it’s a big issue for so many IELTS aspirants. They are badly worried about spelling mistakes because bands are reduced if spelling mistake happens. You lose marks just for writing one alphabet wrong. This is so pity that you know the correct answer but unfortunately, you could not spell right so it’s truly sad for everyone.

And we tell you the reason why it happens because everyone uses mobile phone and laptops to write messages and emails so the habit of writing on paper with pen or pencil is almost disappeared in our daily life. So now what you have to do is just plan the best strategy which you can apply. So you need to become a school student again and use a notebook and pen or pencil and start writing words which you believe are confusing for you. So make sure you write 10 times 20 times the same word in a notebook to fix into your mind the correct spelling forever.

In IELTS mostly English words having double SS, RR, TT, MM, and more are very confusing. For example ‘Accommodation’ word is confusing because it has double CC and MM so write 10 times and more unless you master the spelling of this word. Similarly word like ‘Committee’ and it has double TT, EE and MM so write again 10 times and more and just keep practicing. In short, make sure before your exam you keep improving your spelling mistakes so that on the day of the exam you don’t commit any spelling mistakes and get band 9 easily.

 Tip 5  –   Other Powerful Tips

A, First, read the instruction carefully, focus on particular attention to how many words you’re allowed to write for the answer. If the instruction says to write a one-word answer so write one word and if says 2 words then write 2 words or write a number so write one number. Therefore don’t lose marks over silly mistakes like this.

B, kindly write your answers in CAPITAL LETTERS because it’s easier for markers to read your answer and understand the handwriting easily so it’s always safer for you.

3, IELTS team knows that students have a big problem hearing the plural “S”  words and that’s why you get questions related to plural words. So if the answer to a question is in the plural (e.g. “jobs”) but you write the answer in the singular (e.g. “job”), it will be marked as incorrect. So listen carefully for plural words.

4, There is no negative marking for writing incorrect answers so If you don’t know the answer then still you don’t dare to leave any question unanswered. It is better to guess the answer and write something in the answers box so that chances are always alive for getting points.

5, Finally,  at the end of the test, you have 10 minutes to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. Do this very cautiously and carefully! If you make a mistake when transferring the answers, it will be marked as wrong so check your answer and check your spellings and then write your answers on the answer sheet.

In a nutshell,

We believe you have understood our useful tips which will make you more self-confident and positive to get your desired 9 bands in the listening module so now it’s your turn to employ our tips in your listening module and achieve your goals.

So If you want to prepare for ILETS, TOEFL, and PTE English exams so we can thoroughly help you to successfully achieve your desired bands in all 4 sections so you just have to contact us via Call, WhatsApp, Email, Instagram to prepare for online also you can come to our institute and can take in-person classes. So both online and offline options are open for you wherever you live in this whole beautiful world. We can assist you.