GRE Test

GRE test formats

GRE test or exam is divided into 2 test formats – GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test.

1,  GRE General Test: 

General Test is the standard exam that assesses test taker’s     knowledge as below:

A,  verbal reasoning,

B, quantitative reasoning

C, analytical writing skills.

 2, GRE Subject Test: 

This has been designed for test takers who are wishing to study specific subjects during their higher studies. Subject Test aims to check the candidate’s expertise in specific fields.


The GRE exam pattern for Computer-Delivered General GRE

GRE SectionsNo. of SectionsDuration
Analytical Writing1 section- two tasks30 minutes for each task
Verbal Reasoning2 section- 40 questions30 minutes for each task
Quantitative Reasoning2 section- 40 questions70 minutes total
Unscored SectionQuestions DiffersTime Varies
Research Section (for Ph.D )Questions DiffersVaries


The GRE Exam Pattern for Paper-Delivered General GRE

GRE SectionsNo. of SectionsDuration
Verbal Reasoning2 sections  – 50 questions70 minutes
Analytical Writing2 sections –  2 Tasks60 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning2 sections- 50 questions80 minutes

GRE Subject Test Syllabus 2021 

The GRE syllabus for the subject test is composed of six disciplines:

1,   Physics

2,   Mathematics

3,   Chemistry

4,    Biology

5,    Literature in English

6,    Psychology


How much does the GRE Cost?

The GRE General Test costs $205 worldwide. However, cost is different for the following countries:

5 countries:
  1. India: $213
  2. Turkey: $255
  3. Australia:$230
  4. Nigeria: $226
  5. China : $231.30


FAQs for GRE Syllabus

Can calculator be used in the Exam?

Yes. For computer-delivered testing on-screen calculator can be used and for paper-delivered testing calculator will be provided at the test center.

  • What is the time duration to finish the GRE syllabus?

This depends entirely on the students’ hardwork, perseverance, and determination. A quick-witted learner would take lesser time to prepare as compared to a slow learner.

  • How to prepare for the GRE syllabus and pattern?

Students wishing to appear for their GRE test to achieve high score can join our GRE classes and can check out our website for the latest GRE Syllabus and GRE Exam Pattern.