Germany Spouse / Dependent Visa Overview

Germany believes in uniting husband or wife living far away from Germany. In order to realise this dream, Germany has launched ‘Spouse Family Reunion Visa’ so that spouses, their kids and families can live together in Germany.

Germany offers spouse / dependent visa to the spouses of Germany citizens and Germany PR holders who are living or working or studying in Germany.

Germany also gives full time work right to spouses so that they can also work in Germany to support financially their husband or wife.

Spouses are allowed to work with any employer of any industries except banned industries. Spouses get visa duration which is similar to their partner who is already living in Germany.

We have broadly explained everything below about Germany Spouse Visa so that you can enrich your knowledge and make a wise decision for your future. In case you are still confused and need right advice then contact us immediately via mobile number mentioned on our website.

There are different ways through which an applicant in Germany can bring his or her spouse in Germany:

1,  Student Spouse Visa

Being an international student in Germany, you get the legal right to bring your spouse to live together in Germany.

2,  Employee Spouse Visa

Being a working professional in Germany, you can sponsor your husband or wife to come to Germany to stay with you together.

German language requirement for spouse visa:

Your spouse in India must learn German language A1 level before applying for German spouse visa. It is mandatory because German government wants that your spouse should know basic German to interact easily in day to day life in Germany.

German language is not required If your spouse or civil partner falls under one of the following categories:

  • Your spouse in Germany is a EU Blue Card holder.
  • Your spouse is self-employed.
  • Your spouse has a researcher status in Germany.
  • Your spouse has a highly-qualified status in Germany.

Age requirement:

Your legal age must be 18 or above 18 when you are applying for spouse visa to join your partner in Germany

Germany Spouse Visa required documents list

Now it’s time to prove that you have all the below necessary documents before you apply for Germany Spouse Visa.

Checklist of required documents explained below and more documents could be required depending upon case to case to obtain a Germany Spouse Visa:

  • A valid passport(issued in the past 10 years and valid for at least 12 months after your scheduled return) passport must have atleast 2 empty pages
  • Application form, declarations form and contact information form duly filled signed
  • Copy of the data pages and pages with visas of your spouse’s passport (A4 size copy)
  • Proof of marriage: a) if the marriage was performed according to the Hindu Marriage Act: – marriage registration certificate
  • b) if the marriage was performed according to Shariat Law: – Nikahnama
  • c) if the marriage was performed according to Special Marriage Act (“Court Marriage”, “Civil Marriage”) – Certificate of Marriage according to Section 13 Special Marriage Act
  • d) if the marriage was performed according to the Christian Marriage Act: – Marriage certificate issued by licensed Church
  • Proof of Residence in India: Aadhaar Card or Ration card of the applicant covering the past 4 years or Voter’s ID
  • Divorce judgement and decree of all former marriages of both spouses, if applicable, German divorce judgement with “Rechtskraftvermerk”, which confirms that the judgment is final
  • Bank account statement, or
  • Proof of your health insurance

Q, what is the time duration for getting Spouse Visa?

To be quite frankly, everything is depending upon what documents you submit and on the basis of your documents visa officer decides the time duration. However, you ensure to submit all required documents in your first attempt then you can obtain spouse visa more or less within 1-2 months. On the other hand, if there is any document missing from your part then visa officer can take more time so it is advisable to prepare all documents well in advance or consult us before applying so we can go through your profile and can make your profile strong from the beginning.

Q, How much money is needed to obtain a Germany spouse family reunion visa?

You have to make a bank demand draft of 75 Euros and bear in mind, this amount can fluctuate as per daily conversion rate so you can also contact embassy or us for better clarity.

Visa Fees  –  75 Euros

Children fees –  28 Euro

Marriage verification fees –  25000 INR more or less depending upon the state or city you are living in India

Q,  what is your next step after you get a spouse visa ?

When you get a spouse visa in India then you can travel to Germany. The first step you will take after reaching in Germany is to register at your local residents’ registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt) within 3 months. Your spouse visa will be converted into Permanent Resident Permit and afterwards, you can continue to stay in Germany happily with your partner.

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