France Study Visa / Student Visa Process Overview

France has always been a top choice for a study destination by zillions of international students. France attracts students through the charm of its powerful economy, better future prospect, great life, beautiful tourist attractions and many more other reasons.

France study visa is the first thing you need to secure before flying to France to begin your study course. France student visa process has been designed as very student friendly so that students can easily fill all their details and can get the student visa easily. Thanks to ‘France’ for launching ‘Campus France’ platform for helping myriad of international students globally.

We have explained below everything properly about France Study Visa so that you can enhance your knowledge and process your visa application easily. In case you are still confused and need right advice then contact us immediately via mobile number mentioned on our website.

There are different types of student visa categories to study in France and we have properly explained visa categories so read carefully and enhance your knowledge:

1, Long-stay visa

This visa is called in French language ‘visa de long séjour pour études’. This type of visa is given to all those international students who wish to pursue their higher studies in France for more than 6 months such as 3 years bachelor degree and 1 or 2 years master’s degree and 4 years PhD program. This visa is always in demand and takes more time to process because most of the international students apply for this visa only. So kindly make sure you apply long stay visa 2-3 months before your course begins in France so you can get the visa on time.

2,  Temporary long-stay visa

This visa is called in French language ‘visa de long séjour temporaire pour études’. This type of visa permits international students to study in France for a period of up to six months. You can not apply separate resident permit in France with this type of visa because it has less than 6 month validity.

3,  Sitting entrance exams

International students who are wishing to give one or more university entrance test then apply for ‘Sitting Entrance Exam’ in French we call visa de court séjour étudiant concours. After clearing this exam, successful students can extend their visa and get 1 year resident permit.

How to apply your student visa online and what are the steps to follow as given below:

  • It is important to first Log on to and click on Create Your Account.
  • You will find a lot of details and accordingly you must fill correct information about yourself such as your  Academic records, Work experience,  Language skills, CV, Passport,  photographs, statement of purpose etc. thereafter, it is also necessary to upload all documents related to all information you provided in each box  and finally ensure that all fields in the Validation tab shows “Complete” so that it ensure you have provided all details and done everything right.
  • Bear in mind, whatever information you have mentioned in your CV so upload all related documents to justify your own uploaded CV
  • Send your file number to the Campus France office to get your uploaded file or documents properly reviewed by Campus France, and further it is important to request for booking a personal appointment.
  • You need to pay student visa fees online via debit or credit card so that you can get an appointment slot to meet visa officer for a face to face interview
  • You will have to turn up for face to face round of visa interview with the Campus France advisor. You should not forget to carry all the mandatory documents with one set of photocopies and more importantly bring with you the Campus France fee payment receipt.
  • You will be getting an Interview completion certificate at the end of the interview.
  • After your successful face to face visa interview, schedule an appointment with VFS-France which is a part of your city’s jurisdiction to submit your documents, photocopies, receipts, and passport.

You need to furnish below necessary documents during your face to face interview

  • An official acceptance or admission letter from your French institution. Letter must be prepared on official letter head of the university, mentioning your full details, your course details and everything.
  • Cover letter
  • You must show Proof of adequate funds for your living expenses while studying in France.. The current amount for student visa is €615 per month. This amount can be shown with a bank statement, or a bank loan letter of funding from a bank or scholarship or any grant.
  • Proof of one way flight ticket if course duration is more than 6 months
  • Proof of medical health insurance (minimum cover €30,000)
  • Proof of accommodation is necessary to ensure you will not be lost in France. This can be shown in the form of student dormitory confirmation from your university or hotel booking or letter from your friends who will allow you to stay at his place while reaching France
  • English language certificate to prove your proficiency in English if course is in English language (if necessary)
  • Proof of proficiency in French, if you are studying a French-language course
  • Your all remaining documents which you uploaded in your online account


Q,  How much time France takes to process Student Visa application?

France student visa process normally takes 3 months time. However, it can take lesser time when you make sure to submit all required documents first time in the beginning. If you miss anything in your visa file then delay can take place and will cause you unnecessary trouble so it’s better you can contact us so that we can advise you properly.

Q,  Is English language certificate such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC required for student visa or not?

France Embassy intends to ensure you are proficient in speaking, writing, listening and reading in all 4 sections so that you can pretty easily manage your complete English taught course in France. It is advisable to provide proof of your language proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC English test to get the student visa. However, if your French university has accepted your medium of instruction English language certificate then somewhat Embassy can ignore English language test. Bear in mind, ask your university for better advice or contact us for correct guidance so that we will assist you as per your situation.

Q,  How we can help you to get your France study / student visa to make your life peaceful?

We are the best professional consultant to process your France study or student visa so that you can easily get the visa and can start your studies on time. We can also secure your admission in best Universities and business schools in France.

We can also process your France Spouse visa so that you can join your partner in France. We can also provide your right direction to get your Work visa or Talent Passport so that you can come to France and start finding suitable job in your field of interest.

Our services include:

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