DSH German Language Exam

DSH  –  Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang

DSH is basically a German language proficiency test. If you are planning to study your any degree course completely in German language in Germany’s universities so this exam is important for you to give and pass successfully to prove that you can study your all subjects in German language and can do well in your studies in Germany. So precisely it is the entry card to study in Germany to start your academic career. German Language Course in Delhi

Eligibility Requirement for DSH

You can only give this DSH exam when you have learnt German language A1 to B2 level because exam difficulty is high and can only be dealt efficiently once you have done b2 level and if you do more levels like c1 – c2  then it would be always great for you to pass this exam easily.

DSH Grading System

The grading levels have been divided in 3 parts as you can see below:

DSH 1 (from 57% overall result)
DSH 2 (from 67% overall result)
DSH 3 (from 82% overall result)

In order to pass this exam you need to achieve 57% in listening and reading parts. Your 57% is equivalent to DSH 1 Level and this is known as a satisfactory result.

German Level required for admission in German Universities

To get admission in German universities you must reach the DSH2 level and score 67% in your DSH Exam because this is the requirement of most of the German public universities.  So you will have to ensure you really practice a lot and work hard to reach to dsh2 level to secure your admission in German universities

In Short

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The DSH written exam consists of four different parts:

 1. Listening comprehension

A text (in the example “fighting pain with music”) is read to you twice. You are allowed to take notes and should answer questions about the text after the second reading (processing time 40 minutes). You can use a German-German dictionary to help.

 2. Reading Comprehension

In this part you will be presented with a text (in the example “Women between children and work”) that you understand and to which you should answer questions (processing time 45 minutes). A German-German dictionary may also be used here.

 3. Scientific language structures

Here you should fill in a fill-in-the-blank grammatically correctly (processing time 45 minutes). The fill in the blanks is based on the reading text. You can also use a German-German dictionary for this task.

 4. Default-oriented text production

In this part you should comment on a given topic in a free text taking into account certain tasks (processing time 70 minutes). The text should be around 250 words.

Oral exam:

All parts of the exam count equally. If you have reached at least level DSH 1 (57%), you will be admitted to the oral examination. You will not be invited to an oral exam if the result of the written exam is clearly unsatisfactory.

In the oral exam, you should show that you can comment on various topics and express yourself clearly. You should prepare yourself for questions about your chosen subject. It is possible that you will receive a small text, picture or graphic in preparation.

Overall result:

You will receive a certificate if you have achieved at least level DSH 1 (57%) in the written and oral part of the exam. In the overall result, the worse result from the partial tests always counts.

Example 1:

written part: DSH 1

oral part: DSH 2

overall result: DSH 1

Example 2:

written part: DSH 3

oral part: DSH 2

overall result: DSH 2


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