Canada Spouse Visa / Spouse Open Work Permit Process Overview

Canada is one of the best immigration countries in the world and therefore, gladly calls spouses to come to Canada and be together with their partners. Since long time, Canada has launched spouse visa services for inviting spouses to join their family in Canada.Canada offers spouse visa / Spouse open work permit to the spouses of Canadian citizens and Canadian PR holders who are living, working or studying in Canada.

Canada also gives full time work right to spouses so that they can also work in Canada to support financially their husband or wife.

Spouses have no restriction about working with any employer of any industries except banned industries.

Spouses get visa duration which is similar to their partner who is already living in Canada.

We have broadly explained everything below about Canada Spouse Visa / Spouse Open Work Permit so that you can enrich your knowledge and make a wise decision for your future. In case you are still confused and need right advice then contact us immediately via mobile number mentioned on our website.

There are two different types of Spouse Visas:

1,  Inland sponsorship

This type of sponsorship is available to those foreign spouses or partners who as a worker, student, or visitor have temporary resident status in Canada. Applicants may be eligible for an open Canada work permit that means they can work for a Canadian employer while the application is processed.

2,  Outland sponsorship

This type of sponsorship is available to those spouses who are living outside the Canada. Bear in mind, sponsored individual may still be able to travel in and out of Canada during the application process.

How to Apply Canada Spouse visa / Spouse open work permit:

Follow below steps to avoid any delay or refusal while processing your application?

  • You must carefully read all the information related to your immigration category
  • Follow all instruction as given in your spouse category
  • Fill out all required details given in the application form and then sign and date the application form
  • Read complete application checklist and make sure to include all required documents as mentioned in the checklist
  • Now pay the correct fees amount through right mode of payment
  • Don’t forget to include the payment along with your application
  • Make sure to check again your application and then submit to avoid any future issues or refusal

Q,  How much time is required to process visa application?

Canada spouse visa / open work permit cannot precisely be predicted reason being every spouse case is different. When you apply first time and you submit all required documents at once and fulfil all other IRCC formalities then your chances to get visa are bright and faster. However, when your file is incomplete and visa officer is in doubt then this can take a lot of time. We hope you understand our concern and logic. Nevertheless contact us to process your file.

Q,  What are the major reasons or grounds for spouse visa / spouse open work permit refusals?

There are a lot of reasons or grounds on the basis of which visa officer decides to reject your application. We can explain you major reasons to enhance your knowledge so that you don’t commit any mistake which lead for refusal. All reasons are given below:

A,  section 200 (1) –

I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay

This is very common ground of your visa rejection so make sure you convince visa officer that you will leave Canada after expiring your visa.

B,  section  205 (c) (ii) –

Marriage is not Genuine

This is also a very popular visa rejection reason or ground. If you are not able to convince visa officer that your marriage is genuine then surely your application will be refused.

Q,  How much bank fund you can show?

As per Canadian government, there is no clear picture or explanation about how much money you must show in your bank account. However, we can advise you to show as much money as you can and you must attach the sources proof from where you got the money.

Q,  How old bank fund should be?

Before processing you application, you must ensure that you maintain your bank account where money is being saved regularly.  Canada government has not mentioned how old fund they require however; we can advise you that your Bank fund must be at least 6 months old. If possible more than 6 months older funds will be very good and it makes your case very strong.

Q,  How we can help you to land you Spouse Visa / Spouse Open Work Permit to make your life hassle free

We are the best immigration consultant to process your Canada Spouse visa / Spouse Open Work permit so that you can join your partner in Canada.  We can also assist you for your admission in best Canadian Universities and also assist you to get Canada study visa or student visa. We can also process your Canada PR Visa through Express Entry and PNP so that you can come to Canada and start finding suitable job in your field of interest.

Our services include:

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