Big Benefits or Advantages or Top Reasons of Studying in United States of America (USA)

1,     US Top class Education System

America has undoubtedly the best education system in the world. US education system is the masterpiece of innovation, advanced technology and modern teaching. With strong research institutions and world class universities and colleges, America continues to develop its workforce with highly skilled talent.

The University of Stanford, University of Harvard and also other US universities ranks in the best top 10 universities in the world.

US universities have unmatched record in teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook and that’s why international students are more inclined to choose US as their study destination rather than going to other countries.

Some of the top-ranked universities in the U.S. given below:

·Harvard University

·California Institute of Technolgy

·Massachusettes Institute of Technology

·Yale University

·Princeton University

·Columbia University

·Johns Hopkins University

·Michigan State University

·Washington State University

·Northeastern University

Post Study Work Permit

Students need enough time to stay and work in US after successfully completing their studies. US therefore attracts students to study here because US offers 3 types of students visa such as F1 Visa,

M1 Visa

J1 Visa

These visas allow students to stay in US for a certain period of time so that students can employ their study experience into professional working life to gain valuable experience and simultaneously earn good amount of money.

Part time job rights

US is somewhat an expensive country to study so earning money while studying becomes necessity for international students so that they can pay their monthly bills which includes room rent, transport , food, laundry and other miscellaneous expenses.                                           

US understand this huge concern of international students and therefore give part time job rights to international students to make their life easy and peaceful. Students with F1 visas are generally allowed to work on the campus of their universities for upto 20 hours a week.

Massive Carrier Boost

Studying in US would always make you most desirable job candidate for any employer across the globe.

US universities focus more on giving practical knowledge along with imparting theoretical knowledge. It allows students to gain hands on practical work experience in their own field of interest. It’s crystal clear that your right decision to study in US will be without an ounce the beginning of your successful international career.

Master English language

To master English language will always be easy for you once you land in America to study your degree course. You will acquire a better understanding and natural usage of English language by conversing with native speakers in your day to day life. You will enrich your vocabulary everyday and can quickly overcome your fear of speaking English so all your efforts will help you to master English language.

Options of Wide Range of Study Courses

USA has almost around 4500 universities scattered throughout the US. US Universities offer a wide range of degree course in every education disciplines be it Science, Mathematics, Technology, social science, engineering, medicine, media, MBA and etc.  There is no other country in the world -where you can find such a diverse range of degree programs of your own choice. US launch new study courses regularly and rest of the world follows or replicate the same courses in their own universities.

Technology Innovation

US is the father of innovation in so many fields such as space, sea, healthcare, literature, movies, fashion, music and list goes on. International students always want to be the best in the world in their own interested fields and US provides them required skills and expertise to be successful in their chosen professional career.

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