Big Benefits or Advantages or Top Reasons of Studying in United Kingdom (UK)

UK’s Top-Flight Education System

There is no comparison to UK’s academic excellence which is consistent since centuries. UK’s advanced and modern education model has been replicated in so many countries and this shows how UK has wooed other countries education systems. All the modern universities in the United Kingdom upgrade your skills, make you innovative and enable you to engage in ground-breaking research so that you can be successful in your field of interest.

Study at UK’s Top Renowned Universities

UK Universities boast top class academic standards in the world and take great pride in showing their academic superiority to the world. When you choose to study in UK, you truly have made a smart and best decision of your life.

Well it’s not hidden that 4 universities among top 10 universities belong to UK. Below is the list of UK’s top ranking universities for your knowledge:

·         University of Oxford

·         University of Cambridge

·         Imperial College London

·         UCL (University College London)

·         University of Edinburgh

·         The University of Manchester

·         King’s College London (KCL)

·         London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

·         University of Bristol

·         The University of Warwick

 2 Years Post Graduation Work Permit

UK has made a law that from 1 July 2021, international students who have successfully finished their degree courses such as an undergraduate degree or master’s degree will be receiving 2 years post graduation work permit in the UK upon graduation, through the new Graduate Route. International Students who complete their PhD will be able to stay for three years in UK.

UK Graduates will be able to switch into skilled work once they have got a suitable job. This is really a great opportunity for international students to showcase their potential to UK employers to grab jobs, earn huge amount of money and stay longer in UK

Work Part time while studying

Students always need money to pay their different bills such as accommodation rent, health insurance, transport etc.  So the best thing is that students in UK can manage to pay their bills to some extent through part time job earning. Students in UK have the right to work part time for 20 hours in a week during study term and also can work full time during their semester breaks when they have no classes. Students can smartly manage their monthly expenses as per their living style. Students also garner work experience while studying in UK.


A big chunk of International students has a dream to pursue higher study in UK however, not everyone can afford to study in UK. The government of UK understand this concern of students and therefore, offers so many different types of scholarship to students having outstanding study achievements. There are both fully funded and partially funded scholarships available. Getting scholarships means you don’t have to pay your tuition fees and you can also get rid of paying monthly living expenses because your scholarships money will manage everything on your behalf and will allow you to focus on your study in UK.

We have mentioned below popular scholarships available to international students so just type on Google their names and you will get comprehensive information:

UK Government offered Scholarship:

UK Universities offered Scholarship:

Course Duration is Shorter

UK education system incorporates courses of shorter duration which is really a big advantage for international students. You can pursue shorter 1 years master degree course and also longer 2 years master degree courses. If you believe you need to upgrade your knowledge and skills faster so you can choose to do 1 year degree program and after successful completion of your degree, you can start working with the companies related to your fields. In short, shorter the courses better the chances to grow faster.

Study in UK’s Best student cities

UK boasts 10 best cities for international students to study such as;

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow
  • Coventry
  • Nottingham
  • Birmingham
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Aberdeen
  • Brighton

Students are pleased to study in above mentioned best cities in UK for many reasons like easily available part time job opportunities, affordable accommodation where rent is pocket friendly, transport system is very convenient, amicable study environment and easy connectivity to other places. In short students really enjoy studying and make best use of other benefits too.


Heath Care Student Benefit

UK gives access to free medical treatment to international students while studying in UK. National Health Service (NHS) is a UK’s worldwide famous healthcare system. Students can get free treatment in case they feel any health issues in UK.

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